Unit-02 New Balance Sneakers

Check Out These New Evangelion Sneakers from New Balance

Also Comes in Unit-01 Purple, Unit-08 Pink, and Nerv Black

New Balance has some new Evangelion themed sneakers coming out tomorrow in Japan. The rather simple designs look rather sweet in the iconic colors of our favorite Eva Units and Unit-08. They are in Unit-01 purple, Unit-02 red, Unit-08 pink, and a deep black for Nerv. An A.T. Field protects the soles of your feet while running in these.

If you go to the New Balance Japan site you might see them for ¥12,000. No info exists on the U.S. version of the New Balance site as to whether we might be getting these sweet kicks state-side. For now we can only hope the shipping isn’t more than the cost of the shoes themselves.

[New Balance Japan Instagram]
[New Balance Japan Website]

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