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Once More with Feeling

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The latest and final film in the Rebuild of Evangelion series is less than a week out. For some time now there has been speculation as to who will do the dub. We know that the original Japanese voice cast has long been linked to the project, but the English dub was a point of speculation. When Netflix got the rights to the original series and End of Evangelion, they re-dubbed the English voicecast, and removed the famed ED song, Fly me to the Moon. Amazon Prime countered and bought the rights to the Rebuild series of movies, including the as of right now unreleased 4th movie.

Now we have confirmation as to whom is voicing our favorite Evangelion pilots for the last time –

Surprise! Its back to the original dub cast from the past. Spike Spencer once again takes on the role of Shinji Ikari and Tiffany Grant graces us with sassy Asuka.

This puts Evangelion in an interesting position. New fans who just watched the show via Netflix are now entreated to a whole new cast of voice actors. Old fans re-watching are now doubly confused. The new voice cast on Netflix and then boomerang back to the OG crew.

I have to give credit to Amazon for bringing them all back. While I am a sub first fan of Evangelion, I have watched the series dubbed as well, and knowing that at least this cast has gotten to chance to finish it out puts a smile on my face. To many old-school Evangelion fans, Spike Spencer is Shinji, and will have it no other way.

[Eva Monkey via Twitter]

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