Asuka on the cover of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Edition Box Set

Where is the Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Edition?

Hopefully coming to your mailbox soon

Maybe back in August you were riding the high coming off of just watching Thrice Upon a Time and saw the perfectly timed marketing beat of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Edition collectors box set. Perhaps you, like me, bought it for the low price of $274.99 plus shipping & taxes (my total was $326.61!). If you did, then you have likely noticed that the Ultimate Edition is still not yet in your possession. I for one am looking forward to adding another set of Evangelion [Blu-ray] DVDs to my collection (I own the much coveted Platinum box set). At least some good news has graced our inbox. The Ultimate Edition is finally shipping!

If you ordered the box set back in that brief window it was available in August and haven’t gotten your email yet, here are the details. The Ultimate Edition box set is set to start shipping next Tuesday, January 25th. That doesn’t guarantee that your box will be out that morning, but we should start to expect it soon. GKIDS expects that you will receive your tracking information in the next two weeks. Of course there are some more things to note.

Preparing to Launch Unit-01

First, if you have moved it is time to update your shipping address. Don’t need that box set ending up in the hands of the wrong people. Conveniently GKIDS has provided this link here – – to update your address. Get on that soon because they need that information well ahead of time.

Second, because this is an expensive item ($326.61!) they are requiring that you sign for the package when it arrives. For those that aren’t going to be home when it is expected to arrive, GKIDS recommends diverting the package to a FedEx Location for pickup. You cannot do this until at least the tracking number is generated, but once it is you can proceed to intercept the package here –

Mind you, all of this should be in your inbox already if you purchased the Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Edition. If it isn’t you probably need to check your spam folders otherwise I am sorry your purchase fell through.

[Info & Image via Email]

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