Bye bye, all of Evangelion

Bye-bye, All of Evangelion

It is the End of Neon Genesis Evangelion

Otaku Voice Staff | @otakuvoice

If you were excited for the June 27th release of Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0, then I am sorry to let you down. According to a twitter post and official announcement on the site, the latest and last movie in the Rebuild of Evangelion saga has been postponed indefinitely. Its with some irony that with the world in the throws of an apocalyptic event would delay the release of the film.

Accompanying the note is a new poster for the film. It reads “Bye-bye, all of Evangelion” alluding to real closure for all of us who have been following Hideaki Anno’s masterpiece all this time. It is bittersweet to say the least.

Do not despair for there is good news in all of this. The official Studio Khara Youtube channel will begin hosting the first three films after April 20th. If its been a while and you missed out on their conspicuous absence from Netflix, then now you have the chance to enjoy the theatrical retelling before the finale releases

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