Mabu & Reo Embrace - Sarazanmai Episode 9

Fraternal Betrayal // Sarazanmai Ep. 9 Review

I Want to Connect, but I Can’t Express It: Sarazanmai Episode 9

We are spiraling towards the finale, and Sarazanmai episode 9 is getting very serious. After being shot point blank in the last episode Enta is alive. Things aren’t looking so good for him. Nothing is going right for Kazuki either as he tries to convince the brainwashed police officers that one of them is guilty. The pins that Mabu and Reo used on the officers in the last episode are still in effect. Toi is gone off the grid with his brother. Its dire times for our heroes.

As Kazuki stuggles to convince the police it wasn’t Chikai, but rather other officers of the law, it is Enta’s sister who comforts him. She brings Kazuki back to when his friendship with Enta began. He was one of Enta’s first friends. They bonded over soccer and they mean something to each other. She encourages Kazuki to go to Enta’s side as he fights through the night. According to the doctors it looks grim.

Apparently Keppi has broken out of his icy prison and is back this episode to save Enta. For the time being. By turning into his kappa form, Enta can leave his bed, but he still doesn’t have long. Keppi makes it clear that he has only so much more time before Enta expires and dies. They only have one thing left to do to save him. Collect the dishes of hope.

Otter Desire

On the other side of the coin is Reo and Mabu. I wish we could have more time with their relationship, but this episode has some good insight into it from before the accident. Reo is overjoyed when he believes that Mabu has recovered to his old self. That isn’t the case, and the two are still being manipulated by this grand otter conspiracy.

There is something else going on with the two cops. Suddenly there is a second Reo that is really an otter in disguise? I get the feeling that these two have been manipulated from the shadows this whole time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them fight back over the last couple of episodes. It feels as though the second major betrayal of the series has occurred between Reo and Mabu. Its not the only one to be exposed this episode.

Fraternal Betrayal

Toi’s arc really comes to a poignant close this episode. The whole series he has pined for his brother. In Sarazanmai episode 9 he finally has closure on the relationship between him and his brother.

In the last episode both Toi and his brother Chikai escaped the city and were on to better things. Since losing their parents it has been Chikai’s modus operandi to betray anyone and everyone. He doesn’t have time for anyone to hold him back, except so far, his younger brother. Even this episode he is quick to execute anyone helping him escape. Toi is starting to see Chikai in a different light this episode.

In the final moments before the next leg of their journey, the two are confronted by more thugs. Chikai is finally going to get his just deserts. Even confronted with all the evidence of his brother’s betrayals, Toi still tries to help him get away in a shootout with the thugs. Once they get away Chikai’s true colors are revealed to Toi.

As Chikai is sniped while threatening to kill Toi, it is the end of the his arc. He is obviously struck with grief, but its not without some finality. He has been chasing this dream of running away with his brother ever since their parents died. Now his brother is gone and he can return to his friends to help save the day.

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