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Bishounen Overtones // Sarazanmai Ep. 7 Review

I Want to Connect, but I Want to Betray: Sarazanmai Episode 7

Its as though Kazuki has completely transformed himself. In Sarazanmai episode 7 we finally see a smiling Kazuki; free of the pain he has felt before his kappa life. Its a fresh new episode that feels like it buys a few risks I hope it can pay off.

There is a noted change in Kazuki’s behavior. Overall he appears happier now more than ever. He starts the episode sitting down for breakfast with his parents and Haruka. He is back to spending time with Haruka along the waterfront. Kazuki no longer carries around his Sara crossplay to catfish his younger brother with. It is a different Kazuki. I would argue this episode marks the end of his arc and the beginning of another.

Full Bishounen Overtones

Sarazanmai has had a lot of boy love undertones and other mildly sexual tones throughout the series so far. Kazuki has been crossdressing as a popular idol. The crooked cops have a rather intimate song and dance together. The boys spend a lot of time in the buff jumping into zombie butts. Enta has had a long time crush on Kazuki come to light. A lot of it on the lighter side. Sarazanmai episode 7 takes it to the next level.

The cold opening with Mabu the glasses wearing cop is rather sexual in his dress down with an unknown otter-shaped figure. Its also an indicator to the trouble surrounding his partnership with Reo, the blonde cop. This episode is not explicit in defining their relationship beyond partners. It does imply a partnership beyond their police facade. That’s one of the ways the show takes it up a notch.

The second facet of its push into more overt sexual tones is the zombie they face this episode. The balls joke play throughout the episode. Then in the end, it turns out the zombie for this episode is actually a masochist who like to be kicked, where you expect, right in the balls. I like how explicit this episode was in that regard. The studio is telling it like it is. This episode felt like they have been hiding in the closet ready to burst out, and while we have been hearing the music coming from within, this was their coming out party.

Enta’s Betrayel

Besides the very overt sexual overtones, is Enta’s betrayal. The title betrays the fact that one of them is looking to betray the trio, and it was Enta the whole time. He plays it off pretty smoothly. He is actually getting his wishes in this episode which makes it interesting as to why he has betrayed the trust of his friends. Kazuki is smiling and rejoining the soccer team. That’s all he wanted to wish for, and now he has gone and stolen the hope discs. It feels out of character.

I am not entirely convinced that Enta has done all of this, at least of his own accord. The sneaking around and splashing paint and garbage at his favorite soccer spot is especially weird. I get that he likes the idea of spending time with Kazuki and Toi, but he had them already spending time playing soccer. He literally says to Toi that he has no use for the hope discs. Everything that he has wished for has come true with Kazuki. Helping Toi would only be for everyones benefit as he joins the soccer team.

The only reason to believe that Enta actually did this is because the sarazanmai hasn’t lied yet. The best explanation must be from the Imperial Otter Army. Reo must have something to do with this. He had his eyes set on Keppi and the discs of hope in the middle of the episode. Since Reo is focused on saving Mabu, he must know about the kappa’s powers. Using Enta to get them is the perfect plan.

Sara and Keppi, the Perfect Couple

I would wonder what Keppi and Sara’s relationship is, but they are pretty explicit about being a couple. The Sara character is still a mystery to me since we have only had a single episode partially focused on her. Its interesting to have a background plot to pay attention to among the battle between the zombies, otters, and kappa.

Sarazanmai episode 7 makes some exciting choices. Moving some of its promiscuity to the front and center is a bold and interesting move. Its definitely where the series has been heading, and it feels like a promise is being made true. I like how they cut it off right before Enta has a chance to explain himself. Now I am left really wanting an explanation for his shenanigans.

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