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Missing Your Manga Fix? MangaDex is Back Up

The Battle Over Boruto Strikes Down the Manga Reading Giant

Otaku Voice Staff | @otakuvoice

Avid readers of manga have obviously noted the recent disappearance of MangaDex the past few days. Fortunately for us all, it isn’t the final death knell just yet. If you are still having trouble reaching, their current situation calls for going to It is a complicated manner laid out by moderator Zephyrus on Reddit –

Clearly the Boruto infraction is a big no-no to the American publishers, in this case Viz Media. As long as these scanlation groups don’t infringe directly on the American publishers, Viz Media and others mostly turn a blind eye. A scanlation group’s own work theoretically sits in between the licensing between the American and Japanese publishers. Its hard to tell without first hand knowledge of the actual contracts.

For now the manga reading giant is partially back up and reading for ingestion of new chapters. Older chapters are being brought up online, but not available yet. Hopefully nothing else brings down the site again in the near term.

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