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MangaDex v5 is Online!

The old site is back up with the new view

Otaku Voice Staff | @otakuvoice

Some of us have noticed the absence of MangaDex in the past two plus months. After a major successful(?) hack and breach of the database, the site is back online. With it comes a fresh coat of paint and a mobile focus. You may notice that a number of features and user settings are missing from the site. That is to be expected. MangaDex 5.0 is still under construction, and this is a preview of the full site.

Below you can find a list of the features both available and missing via Reddit.

The site is, yes, a bit rough at the moment. At the top it is clearly stated that this is an early access to the new site design. We should all rejoice that our favorite site has come back and not left for dead.

[Reddit Thread]
[Relaunched Site]

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