MangaDex Gets Hacked

MangaDex Gets Hacked

All Your Password Are Belong to Us

Otaku Voice Staff | @otakuvoice

Notice some trouble with MangaDex recently? Apparently an old version of the site apparently has gotten into the hands of a less than friendly actor in the digital space. According to one of the developers Plykiya on the forums, a data breach has left users of the site vulnerable. An older version of the site and database is believed to be uncovered from a roughly four month old server image.

If you are concerned about the breach the main points boil down to as follows –

At the moment the site is continuing to have server issues. A likely fallout from everyone being required to hit the database in order to log back into the site.

Remember folks, use a unique password or a password manager for your logins. A breach like this is inevitable on a site that is frequently attacked by Direct Denial of Service attacks.

[MangaDex Forum Post]

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