Mahou Shoujo Site // Spring 2018 Preview

Magical Girl Horror Extravaganza

Title: Mahou Shoujo Site
Studio: production doA
On-Air: April 7, 2018

The magical girl genre is a staple of anime. Each season brings us a new group of girls and their magical powers. This season we will be following the horrors of Asagiri Aya, a young girl who has been bullied into submission.

Mahou Shoujo Site is an upcoming magical girl horror anime. Asagiri Aya, the main magical girl, stumbles upon the titular website. It enables her to enter the world of magical girls and the terrors that follow.

Horror is not a new genre to the mahou shoujo world. Mahou Shoujo Site looks to be quite the grotesque interpretation of a young woman finding the power inside of her. From the PV you can see our main character gaining magical powers through the use of what looks like a toy gun. Check out the PV below for a teaser of this seasons horrific delights.

[Official Site]
[Info – Anime News Network]

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