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Funimation Announces Plans for the Demon Slayer Movie

Mugen Train coming soon to a theater near you

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Funimation has revealed earlier today that they are working with Aniplex to bring the next chapter of the Demon Slayer anime to theaters. The movie is titled Mugen Train, and is coming to the United States and Canada soon. The anime finished airing its first season back in September 2019.

I will argue that in spite of Funimation’s optimism, this movie is not coming stateside any time soon. We are in the midst of a global pandemic that is ravaging the United States specifically. Movie theaters are not open and promising that a movie with a limited release will be “Coming Soon” is disingenuous.

If you are hoping for a theatrical release date announcement, put that thought out of your mind. Funimation’s blog makes no mention of a digital release in the event they cannot release this to theaters successfully. By the time we get to the see Mugen Train, it will likely be well over a year since the end of the first season of the anime.

The Demon Slayer movie is going to capture the next arc of the manga. Fans of the anime should remember that the show ends right as Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke climb aboard a train in search of a demon. It hurts to think that we might not get the next season of Demon Slayer until this movie is widely available for fans. Here is to hoping we get a chance to see the movie sooner rather than later. To hold you over, here is the trailer.

[Info and Image via Funimation Blog]
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