Uzoi of the Harpy Clan // Somali to Mori no Kamisama

Haitoria, the Other Human // Somali to Mori no Kamisama Ep. 5 Review

Episode 5: The Wandering Birds

After all of the fuss in the last episode regarding spending more time in Anthole City, I really thought Somali to Mori no Kamisama episode 5 would be another episode there. We could have seen more of the Somali and Kikila hijinks. The Golem would have even more reason to chastise and forgive lil’ Somali-chan. We can’t give that up too soon.

We are still watching them travel this gorgeous desert setting. The next town they happen upon, Wincup Village, is similar, but distinct from the last locale. There is a blue tint to the streets and shops of this volcanic oasis. Most residents here seem just as friendly and welcoming of Somali and the Golem as the last couple of cities. Most of the residents.

Uzoi and Haitoria, Traveling Wanderers

Uzoi’s introduction to the show makes me realize how great some of the character design has been up to the point. She is is a member of the harpy clan and with that comes some feistiness she shows off. She is mostly humanoid like most of the characters, but she is dotted with a plumage on parts of her. You can tell instantly she has bird features, without un-humanizing her. Its shows how different her species is from Somali or the Golem.

Haitoria on the other hand is deliberately obfuscated. His bird beaked mask makes it so it is impossible to see his “falcohol” features. It makes him and Uzoi untrustworthy, right from the drop. He has a convenient excuse as to his situation, one I thought would be a lie, but is in fact a real issue for him. Otherwise he is in fact not from the falcohol clan as he claims. He is actually human.

It has been a question in my mind since starting the show. When will the first human besides Somali show up. Other characters throughout the show have reservations about Somali, but most come from her guardian, the Golem. Now we finally meet another character who can see right through Somali’s cute little minotaur disguise.

Danger Somali-chan! Danger!

The world of Somali to Mori no Kamisama has so far been mostly safe. At worst, Somali getting lost is the biggest threat to our protagonists. This trip out into the desert with Uzoi and Haitoria actually presents some real and present danger.

The sand shark is an interesting take on the Dune style sandworm. I don’t know how practical it would be for a shark to live in sand, but it is a cool visual. The sand storms seem like a more practical “enemy” of the caravan, and they do in fact cause quite the ruckus. It just so happens that a more sinister antagonist awaits Somali and the Golem.

Most characters throughout the show so far have been without malice or ill intent. The beings of the world have a warmness to them that is enticing throughout the show. Even the self-described emotionless golem has a soft spot where stone exists. Uzoi is the first character that really doesn’t have anything good in her heart. This episode she is aggressive towards a small child, and later tries to kill her. The show lays it out very clearly without actually saying it. Uzoi intends to kill Somali. She believes it will help the beleaguered Haitoria.

Somali to Mori no Kamisama leaves us right off at a good cliffhanger. I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t much logic behind Uzoi’s actions. Beyond getting away with it, there isn’t much explanation as to why Somali’s blood will cure Haitoria. I look forward to seeing an explanation in the next episode.

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