Master Muthrica of the Tsuchinoko Team // Somali to Mori no Kamiama Episode 4

Master Muthrica // Somali to Mori no Kamisama Ep. 4 Review

Episode 4: The Wishing Flower and the Promise Request

Jumping back in from where we left off, Somali to Mori no Kamisama episode 4 finally introduces us to to the menacing wolf. His name is Muthrica, or if you are young Kikila, Master Muthrica, a member of the Tsuchinoko team. Their task is to guide those entering the ground below Anthole City and discover the rich wonderful nature down below.

Master Muthrica seems to have more than just a good sense of the fauna and wildlife below. First he has a soft spot for Somali’s steeled resolve in finding the yozame flower. Muthrica is obviously aware of the mythos around it, and the importance this might have in the mind of a young impressionable child.

Secondly, Muthrica is keenly aware of the Golem’s situation later in the episode. He has been around the world as a soldier. Seen other forest golems at the end of their lifespan. There isn’t much he can’t clue in on.

The quick note about his soldier background is very interesting to me. The timeline of when humans attacked and caused chaos in the world of Somali to Mori no Kamisama isn’t clear. For the big burly wolf clan character, he might be more aware of the threat of humans than we know. For someone who isn’t an antagonist, he sure could make a good one if he turns against Somali and the Golem.

Somali’s Quest for the Yozame Flower

I see a bit of irony in Somali’s quest for the Yozame flower. Kikila’s story about the flower comes with the caveat of taking it from the depths below all the way home. Somali doesn’t have a real home to go back to unlike Kikila. In a sense, her wish can never be fulfilled since in order to bring it home, the Golem’s mission will be complete, and they will then be apart.

Its just sad watching this poor girl go through such emotional turmoil over something we as the audience knows is doomed to fail. We know going into this show that its going to be a journey, and a painful one at that. What makes it most difficult is watching the young Somali so naively life her life almost carefree. Carefree until the moment she gets a hint of the end of their journey.

Medicine for all Clans

The moment when Somali finally breaks down from the stress of the journey is the moment I thought the Golem had been preparing for this whole time. He was pretty clear in the second episode with Shizuno, that he needed medicinal knowledge to care for Somali in the future. It feels out of place now to meet a healer on the journey without learning from him.

The moment where the Golem is questioned by the city’s drowsy alchemist, is a seminal moment. I think the show could have milked this exact moment for even longer than it does. The Golem is caught between a rock and a hard place trying to get his hands on medicine that will calm Somali’s fever. The show doesn’t elaborate on it, but I wonder if in this world there even is special medicine for humans. If they were all driven away its not even like the shopkeeper would carry any.

With the first couple episodes flying through locations, its comforting to find the show planting itself now for a few episodes. The Golem now is without coin, and a new need to slow the journey. This is all heightening the looming threat of the Golem’s demise and failure to return Somali safely. Its all building nicely in Somali to Mori no Kamisama episode 4.

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