Motoyasu the Spear Hero and Naofumi the Shield Hero - The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 19

Naofumi’s Revenge // Shield Hero Ep. 19 Review

The Four Cardinal Heroes: The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 19

With the Pope and his army of magicians bearing down on our heroes, The Rising of the Shield Hero episode 19 doesn’t start off in a great position for Naofumi and Motoyasu. As it turns out the Pope has a weapon nearly equal to the combined power of the Cardinal Weapons. He can change his sword into a spear to use the powers otherwise bestowed upon the Spear Hero. Only Melty knows this of course, because she, unlike her sister, has actually studied more than politics.

This wouldn’t be an episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero without politics. We are almost over Naofumi’s previously falsely alleged behavior, almost except for the Pope. He is a really powerful foe for our heroes. I imagine the Spear Hero would be able to break through the Pope’s barrier based on how many resources he has had at his disposal. Of course the power of a few hundred mages is more than a match for a single Cardinal Hero. If only the other two heroes were available.

The Sword and Bow Hero

As it turns out, both Ren and Itsuki are actually still alive. Motoyasu was lied to, and Naofumi’s intuition was right. They burst onto the scene driving back the pope and his army of religious magicians. There is a great moment here where they really try to almost apologize to Naofumi. They have a definite “You were right” moment, but it does fall short of an apology. This is where it all takes a turn for the worse.

After the flashy entrance with Ren and Itsuki attacking the Pope with some level of success, it is on to Naofumi’s reckoning. He lays into he other three heroes. Now that Naofumi is vindicated he has all the time in the world to set the record straight. The other heroes have been doing a terrible job. Ren is an idiot for killing the dragon and infecting townsfolk. Itsuki is a moron for usurping another kingdom and abandoning the common folk. Motoyasu is just stupid. He has done some dumb things, but he is just an idiot and we the viewer just know that already.

Naofumi’s Reckoning

This is not the time or place for Naofumi’s tirade against the other heroes. For one thing he has literally already gone through most of these accusations already. He has told Ren and Itsuki of the trouble they caused. He unleashed hell on Motoyasu about the destructive seed and how he is a stooge for Myne. None of this is new, its just that he finally has the upper hand in regards to the moral high ground.

I feel like after the last two episodes, we are almost back to square one with Naofumi and I am not pleased with his growth. He agreed with Fitoria that he would reconcile with the other Cardinal Heroes. In Shield Hero episode 19 he has the perfect chance now that the other three are listening to him. They actually believe him for once and he is wasting this opportunity. In fact, he is monologueing and that makes him almost as bad as the Pope.

I get that at the end of his tirade he agrees to work together one last time, but he has a chance for a fresh start. Motoyasu is more than happy to be buddy-buddy with him now that he doesn’t see Naofumi as a bad person. The bad guy is right in front of them and Naofumi is almost making himself out to be a bad guy.

The Cathedral

I wasn’t too concerned for our heroes’ safety until the Pope trapped them in a massive magic cathedral. We have a chance that the Queen’s minions will take out the Pope’s magicians, but how much longer can some of the heroes and their party survive in this nightmare church.

For a lot of talking and monologueing on both sides, the action was good. I like the power of the attacks we are seeing now. The Spear Hero’s most powerful strikes that he holds back aren’t enough to break through. Ren and Itsuki working together seems to have some effect, so it leads us to believe that a four Cardinal Hero combo attack might just be enough to break through.

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