Shield Hero Episode 11

Who Really Needs That Class Upgrade? // Shield Hero Ep. 11 Review

Catastrophe Returns: The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 11

The more The Rising of the Shield Hero tries to explain that it isn’t a video game, the more I think it is a video game. Episode 11 really exemplifies it.

I recognize that episode 10 wasn’t solely about Naofumi’s new minions, but I did expect more screen time for them. They don’t feel like they are that important right now, but they also don’t feel like cannon fodder. Raphtalia and Filo really took the spotlight this episode. Even the other heroes got more screen time and lines than the previous wave. The episode did open with the new party members saving an unlucky villager. It just didn’t spend much more than a minute or two before we were off to battle the boss.

I did like re-introduction of grandma to the episode. It really enforces the good Naofumi is introducing into the world despite his growing apathy to everything. Watching the old woman wreck monsters with her kungfu is awesome. You really have to wonder what did Naofumi put in the medicine he gave her a few episodes back?

The Spear, Bow, and Sword Hero

I know Naofumi gave the other two heroes a hard time for their actions last episode, but they need to check themselves. The Shield Hero shows up only to be met with disgust by the Bow Hero. All three of the other heroes are stubbornly trying to defeat a different part of the wave. Luckily for us Naofumi is so very smart.

Just like the Shield Hero’s new party members, the other Hero’s party members are absolutely worthless. All they can muster is a pity response to Naofumi’s entrance. Malty Melromarc is worthless. So are the rest of the cast except Raphtalia and Filo.

After everyone is knocked down, except for the real hero of the story Naofumi & co., we get the real fight of the episode. I am impressed at how powerful Filo is. She really goes toe to toe with the soul eater. Its still not enough to end the fight, but that’s where Naofumi’s Rage Shield comes into play.

Its been upgraded since he last faced off against the zombie dragon. Now the shield is infused with the soul of the dragon. It also has “infected” Filo. Thankfully it hasn’t infected Raphtalia, or we might never get Naofumi back. Even when the Shield Hero is wrecking the “final” boss, the other heroes still can’t muster up any respect for him. I know I shouldn’t be disappointed in them at this point, but I still am.


Before the episode I was concerned the wave would be a long drawn-out battle to spread it over two episodes. We are at episode 11 already and episode 12 is next week. That will bring us to about the halfway point of the season [1]. Fighting off the wave is a great place to end it, but we haven’t seen the show do much to drag out battles. It is respectful of our time, and yet we know we are at a major plot point. The Rising of the Shield Hero definitely leaves us in a good place.

The mystery woman from the last episode makes her appearance. Glass makes a spectacular entrance. After the four heroes fail to defeat the soul eater, she simply swoops in and slays the undead beast with her knives.

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