Crunchyroll's New Web Interface

New Crunchyroll Web Interface Coming

U.S. only for now

Today Crunchyroll announced plans to roll out a new modern looking interface for premium members of the anime streaming service. Currently in beta, the new product will bring a more modern and mobile like experience to the currently very outdated desktop web site. The site hasn’t seen much evolve in quite some time. This should be a welcome change to the current look and feel.

The new web interface has some interesting new social features beyond the fresh coat of paint. Crunchyroll is promising “collections curated by Crunchyroll’s anime experts” which will “allow fans to create curated collections of their own.” Now you can expertly show off how great or awful your taste in anime is.

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the new version just yet. Crunchyroll is rolling it out to a subset of premium users and only those in the U.S. first. Hopefully it will be a success and the rest of us will get a crack at it soon.

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