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Haru Means Food // My Roommate is a Cat Ep. 2 Review

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 2 Review: I Call to You

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I didn’t realize until the end of the first episode of My Roommate is a Cat that the cat didn’t have a name. She does now, and it is Haru. Haru means food to Haru.

Clearly from everyone he meets, our resident shut-in Subaru has realized that he needs to give his cat a name. In ultimately the most awkward moment of the show so far, Subaru mistakenly gives his name and age instead of the cats. The very sweet pet shop clerk doesn’t realize this until Subaru is convinced she is telling him to eat cat food. On one hand it is hard to watch Subaru so awkwardly bumble through such a simple interaction. On the other hand his newfound roommate is really getting him out of his comfort zone. We are already seeing some character development.

The argument with his editor that follows is the punchline to the joke. Kawase Atsushi, the editor, also asks for the name of the cat. He is of course referring to the name of the cat in Subaru’s book, but it isn’t taken like that. Subaru freaks out thinking the whole world is after him. Hopefully we can help Subaru get past that by the end of the season.

The Warmth and Love of Food (Haru)

I have two thoughts on Haru in this episode. The first is how disheartening to see her continued struggle to find food. The second is the convenience in her name.

We know from the first episode that this stray cat has had it rough at times trying to find good and frequent food. You can feel the sadness when she wakes up from her nap with confidence in Subaru only to find nothing in her bowl. Its hard to watch someone go without food, and being an animated pet doesn’t make it any easier. Fortunately she does find some warm and comforting food.

I think it was a little too convenient that Subaru picked the perfect name for Haru. I know he was waiting for Haru to respond which she did, but it almost felt forced. She has had this magical past with a young girl named Haru who also cared for this lost kitten? Where has this human Haru gone, and why isn’t cat Haru with her? A lot of questions that felt like they should have been answered in this episode were brushed aside.

We are starting to get somewhere with these characters. Haru is warming up to being treated to the comforts of a new home. Subaru is breaking out of his hikikomori state.

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