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High Flying and High Dealing // The Magnificent Kotobuki Episode 2 Review

The Magnificent Kotobuki Episode 2 Review: The Wandering Six

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The Magnificent Kotobuki continues to shine. There is something wonderful about a series that can really focus on aerial dog fights and make them a spectacular center piece of the show. I cannot wait for the next episode to see what they can come up with.

The second episode of The Magnificent Kotobuki continues from where we left off after the last mission. The girls are on shore leave only to find themselves called back to action almost immediately. This time it is for a high paying mysterious government official. She needs safe passage and expects that she will be targeted by a large group of pirates and has contracted another group to provide support to our heroines. Not that is matters much.

In the air the pirates arrive right on schedule and immediately turn the battle in their favor. They come in with nearly three times the firepower of the convoy. The show really gives a great sense of how coordinated these pirates are. On approach it appears there are only five planes. As they get within range the pirates reveal they have hidden their greater numbers. Its this stuff that makes the show quite exciting.

After a tense battle and a lot of infighting within the Kotobuki, the heroes of the day are successful. Chika and Kylie begin to find their groove together after initially nearly falling apart.

Who Are These Pirates and What Do They Want?

We never got a good look at the pirates from the first episode beyond a shot of their insignia on their wings. This episode we got a slightly better look. On of the pirates has a line and we actually see some part of their outfit. Of course their face is completely covered. We do know that the pirates are well known and when they arrive, it is a surprise to find them piloting such advanced planes.

Similarly to the pirates we really are starting to get a good look at our heroines themselves. We got to know the hot headedness of Kylie in the first episode but now we know what she is up against in her partner Chika. Chika is introduced to us in a fight against another rival group of mercenary pilots. Even on the ground the girls are quite the skilled fighters. We still haven’t got too great of a look at all of the protagonists though. Reona and Zara are the two clear leaders. Kate is clearly a steampunk robot with white hair. Emma is rather sweet for a girl that flies around at 100KPH and shoots down pirates for a living. Hopefully we can get some more time with them in the next couple of episodes.

The 3 Dimensional Sky

There must be something said for how great the dog fights have been in the first two episodes. They are exhilarating to watch. For as much of the episode they take up, they still feel short and concise. Everything about them is beautiful from the movement of the planes to the WWII style action of shooting the planes down.

The art direction of going completely 3D for this show was an interesting choice was clearly the right choice in regards to the action. Going from 2D to 3D in between the moments of action and plot would have been too jarring. Making sure that everything seamlessly works is probably better than other shows that are primarily 2D until a large action set piece takes place.

I have to say the second episode really upped the stakes for me. The action continues to impress beyond the first. We still know so little about the world, but I want to know so much more. There is more to get out of the characters, but for now it is all we need.

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