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Gunned Down over Rahama // Kotobuki Ep. 3 Review

The Magnificent Kotobuki Episode 3 Review: Rahama's Longest Day

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In a show with a group dynamic, you expect that every episode will focus on a different character and their relationships. The third episode of The Magnificent Kotobuki really doesn’t focus on any one particular character. Instead, we get a bit more of the group to outsider dynamic. The girls of the Kotobuki have to navigate the political landscape as well as the barren desert surrounding the towns of this world.

It is not to say that there is no growth from the squad in this episode. Reona takes charge and shows some leadership ability. On the other end, Emma shows maturity through a lack of maturity. Her disbelief in the pettiness of the impending destruction by the hands of the Elite Industries. In the face of indecision, both get the job done.

The Elite Industries Started off as a Simple Logistics Company

Its starting to become murky how the world of Kotobuki works. In this episode we are introduced to Elite Industries, a private group of pilots who act more or less like pirates. As far as we have seen, pirates only attack in between these towns in the desert and only use small aircraft. Elite Industries comes into town to bully the local townspeople for their supplies, but they have to come from somewhere. They only fly in on small craft as well. How close to town can they be that they can make the distance without a larger dirigible?

In a gesture of good faith, the President and CEO of Elite Industries bargains with the Mayor of Rahama with a replica of a not so famous painting. He wants a supped up plane the town has, and he won’t take no for an answer. How could the town and Mayor of Rahama say no to such a great deal?

The question of giving up what is now the “symbol” of the town and fighting back against Elite Industries provokes a predictable response. Half the town wants to sue for peace and give it up. That is the boring answer. Fortunately our gal group is itching for a fight and gosh darnit Emma and company are going to get it. They are also going to get their money’s worth for protecting it.

Once we get past the inspirational speech from Emma and subsequently the Mayor, we finally get into the action. I really like the setup to the battle. It really brings into play how desperate a lot of this world is. Not a lot of people are battle tested and it really takes everyone to setup for the attack. The Mayor plants the Raiden fighter directly in the center of town. Its a genius move on his behalf to protect the town center from destruction since Elite Industries has their eyes set on it. Too bad they get away with it.

Feel the Wind in You Hair

I thought by the third episode I would get tired of the air battles. The Magnificent Kotobuki has proven me wrong again. There is something absolutely stunning about the sound design of these battles. Even watching on my tiny phone screen with basic headphones in, I feel like I am in the cockpit and the thick of the fight. They really have done a great job with the sound of the different planes dancing between each other. It is the highlight of the show every episode so far.

Some things about this fight above the town was a nice changeup from the last two episodes. This battle against Elite Industries brings the action very close to the ground. A lot of the battle is the pirates coming in to attack the town and force their surrender while the Rahama Vigilantes and Kotobuki Squadron counter attack.

It is amazing to see one of the girls shot down in this episode. Emma goes in too hard against the pirates and almost suffers disaster for it. She is still protected by plot armor, but coming away from this episode I am not sure if the plot armor is as invulnerable as it may seem.

A Pyrrhic Victory

At the end of the day the immaturity of the Mayor ruins it. Despite shooting down most of the Elite Industries staff, its a pyrrhic victory at best as they fly away with the Raiden plane. Of course it is in the Kotobuki’s contract that they are to protect the plane, so we shall see next time how the battle will really end.

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