LotGH: Die Neue These Season 2 Teaser

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Season 2 Teased

Die Neue These gets renewed for 24 more

Otaku Voice Staff | @otakuvoice

If you have been enjoying the modern interpretation of Tanaka Yoshiki’s 1980’s classic space opera novel, then you have good news in store for you. A new full 24 episode season is coming via an announcement teaser trailer on YouTube. Production appears to be underway at Production I.G. on the next part of Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These.

No particularly salacious details are known just yet beyond episode count. This will start off right from where the first season ended, counting the first 12 episode cour and three subsequent movies as the second 12 episode cour as season one. Production I.G. has specifically announced that this will be 24 episodes taking us from episode 25 all the way through episode 48 in the series. When this new season is scheduled is unknown so far, but it is in the works which hopefully can satisfy us fans for the meantime.

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