Susamaru the Temari Demon - Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 9

Susamaru & Yahaba // Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep. 9 Review

Temari Demon and Arrow Demon: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 9

Kimetsu no Yaibai episode 9 continues to impress visually. There is not a lot out there that can really compare to the action this episode. We knew going into this episode is going to be an action packed ride and it delivers.

Tanjiro and the rest are awestruck at the attack on Tamayo’s hideout. Two new demons have arrived to take Tanjiro back with them to Kibutsuji. One carries temari, a japanese ball made of thread, that bounces with devastating impact. The other appear blind with weird eyes on his hands. Even Tanjiro calls out how creepy he looks. The girl is called Susamaru and the boy is called Yahaba.

Twelve Demon Moons

The pair refer to themselves as members of the Twelve Demon Moons. Tamayo seems to be familiar with this term. They are very powerful demons that are close in strength to Kibutsuji, and work specifically for him. It feels a little bit like a twelve apostles reference. Kibutsuji alluding to himself as their leader, Jesus. In this time period there is enough western influence to believe he might see himself in that way.

Susamaru and Yahaba are an absolute monsters with their powers combined. Susamaru is able to throw her temari balls with enough force to not just knock off the head of another demon, but to obliterate it. Yahaba’s control over physical objects with his pseudo-telekinetic demon arts blood is also unfair. The two combined makes for a nearly impossible combination for our heroes.

When Yushiro’s head comes clean off it feels like all bets are off. Demons in their own right are supposed to be physically resilient. It was a bit of a cheap shot swerve that got him, but the strength behind it is enough to scare Tanjiro. I forgot for a second it takes a special blade to kill a demon, so I thought Yushiro was a goner. Yushiro growing his head back is one of the most detailed and grotesque things the show has done so far. Half a head talking is even worse, but it makes for an amazing visual.

Water Breathing Techniques

So much of this episode is made up of amazing visuals and fantastic choreography. The last episode is a character setup and plot driven focused story beat. This episode is a beautifully drawn tale of Tanjiro vs. the World.

This show so far has been one of the most beautifully done this season, and this episode is a perfect example of it. Once Yushiro gains his strength and sets off on Susamaru, the show flaunts some fantastic martial arts from him. Its a quick sequence, but the transition from invisible to partially visible as he strikes Susamaru is fantastic. Its not a lot of cutting back and forth between characters screaming their overly named move and them a single frame of the punch. There is weight behind the attacks.

Tanjiro does do a bit of the screaming the name of his attack, but I think it takes place in his head. His “Water Breathing Techniques” continue to impress. The water visuals are simply beautifully drawn. Seeing him struggle in his fight against Yahaba is gripping. There is a real sense that he needs to figure out a different way of defeating him besides brute strength. The show delivers in a satisfying finish to the episode. Its a clever use of the arrow demon’s own power against him. Since Tanjiro can’t cut the arrows, he simply transfers their energy against Yahaba for the killing blow.

Final Thoughts

Every episode I am more and more excited for the next. Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 9 leaves us right on the perfect cliffhanger for the next. One demon down, one more temari wielding demon to go. I hope to see some more of Yushiro and maybe some the special move from Tamayo that is alluded to this episode. I don’t expect the whole episode to be the battle, but with Tanjiro trying to save some blood from them we have an interesting mix coming up.

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