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Black Katanas and Talking Crows // Kimetsu no Yaiba Ep. 5 Review

My Own Steel: Episode 5 Review

The whole final selection ordeal is done in short order this episode. Its nice that Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 5 doesn’t unnecessarily linger on anything. Too many shows spend too much time in a mini arc without getting to the next part. So far we have gotten from origin through two arcs in only five episodes, and now we are on the precipice of some serious demon hunting. Of course we do spend some time with our villain from the last episode.

I didn’t expect to get a flashback to the mutant demon’s past this episode. It was also pretty unexpected when I started to feel something for this monster. He was once a young child, not unlike Tanjiro’s brothers and sisters. Morphed into his demonic form, consuming his own brother. Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 5 really revealed some interesting things about the demons of this world.

The flashback showed some humanity left in the hulking beast. He has slain numerous prospective demon slayers in the nearly fifty years captured. In his final moments he has a chance to realize his humanity. He regains a piece of him lost when he was turned. A lot of the next few scenes is Tanjiro searching for answers among the demons. Something that must be depressing to go unanswered. The solution to his sister’s humanity. I think the scene with the enormous demon gives us hope for Nezuko, his sister. Even if Tanjiro doesn’t realize it.

The Survivors of Final Selection

There isn’t much left of the Final Selection, both in terms of the episode and the new recruits. There are literally only four demon slayers left at the end of the process, including Tanjiro. He remarks that over twenty were there to begin the process. Now only four remain, or five. A scene later on in an unknown location with an unknown character, presumably the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, remarks that there are five new members of the family. That must mean someone is missing from their sword selection ceremony.

Urokodaki’s hesitation from episodes before is definitely earned. With such a low survival rate you are definitely the best of the best at demon slaying. If only a handful survive each year, and they have such a deadly job, there must not be a lot of demon slayers in the world. They are pretty special to have survived against all odds.

Of the survivors, one is far too demanding of the creepy twins. They were all promised a sword, and this idiot doesn’t seem to get the idea that there is more to demon slaying than a sword. Also, he will get a sword if he is patient enough. The others are less rowdy, obvious battered from a few nights in the wilderness with the monsters. A different survivor who will clearly be important based on his presence in the opening credits, is completely in shock. His thought is that he will survive the Final Selection only to be killed later. The final survivor has a complete disinterest in the ceremony and spend her time focused on a butterfly. I assume all of the survivors are important because they spend so much time focusing on all of their quirks.

Tanjiro’s Homecoming

All of the survivors are given a crow, except the weird kid who is given a sparrow, and everyone chooses the ore they will forge their katana with. Tanjiro clearly picks up on something with his nose because he seems possessed choosing his ore.

In the next scene we are reunited with Urokodaki. Even though he wears a mask we can see him shed a tear of joy. He has lost so much, and his latest disciple has survived the Final Selection and is known fit to take on the world of the Demon Slayer Corps. Even Nezuko is ecstatic to see Tanjiro. While its only been two episodes our time, Its been literally over two years since Nezuko has seen Tanjiro. She has been asleep the whole time conserving her energy instead of consuming human flesh like a normal demon.

Speaking of normal demons, Urokodaki fills Tanjiro in on some of the finer details of demons. There are some demons that are special and use the Blood Demon Art form of magic. The monstrous demon that Tanjiro slays is one of those that can use this magic making it more powerful than others. Urokodaki isn’t convinced that Nezuko is using this type of magic. She probably has something else that makes her special among the common demon.


Closing out the episode we meet Haganezuka. He is the thirty-seven year old blacksmith who has no interest in listening to what you have to say. Urokodaki clearly has worked with him on multiple occasions since he recognizes the blacksmith’s arrogance as soon as he arrives. I like the sort of comic relief he brings along with Tanjiro’s newly forged katana. Haganezuka reveals that his swords change color when the owner wields them. It comes from the special ore that Tanjiro chose. He is all excited for the katana to turn a beautiful crimson, when it turns a deep black instead.

Overall I liked the flow of the episode. We got some great touching moments with the demon from the last episode. The introduction to the other demon slayers was short, but it was just to setup their personality for when we meet them later. Tanjiro’s homecoming to Urokodaki and Nezuko was also bittersweet. Finally the crow speaks. The crow can talk. Tanjiro has a pet crow that can speak intelligible words. Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 5 is great.

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