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Soma Yuki in a Dress // Fruits Basket Ep. 6 Review

Perhaps We Should Invite Ourselves Over: Fruits Basket Episode 6

Chock full of a lot of little things, Fruits Basket episode 6 is a nice Tohru focused episode. While the last episode focused on her relationship between Yuki and Kyo, this episode takes a fine look at how she has been neglecting her other friends.

This is the school festival episode of the series. I can only assume this will be in place of a beach episode, but by the end of the episode I can not be so certain. Everything is going well for the class except for Yuki. He has been forced into a frilly dress by some seniors, and he is not happy about it. Its a little out of character of him to be showing so much emotion, but at the same time it feels perfectly Yuki to be subtly mad. He does use the dress to effect later, so it is to his benefit. Outside of the dress debacle, its smooth sailing until some unexpected guests arrive.

Momiji and Hatori

Another episode and another couple of distant Soma relatives arrive. This time it is the young energetic Momiji and We’ve met Momiji before. He was hanging around the building that Tohru works at. Apparently his father owns the building. He is part German on one side and all energy on the other. He is a very rambunctious Soma who can’t wait to show Tohru his spirit animal, the rabbit.

Hatori appears to be the family doctor. It must be useful to have a specialist in the family that can be discreet about the family secret. His reason for showing up to a school festival is to literally give Yuki and Kyo a checkup in the middle of their class. Clearly there are ulterior motives here was learn later.

Yuki’s Cute Dress

Part of this episode is also advancing Tohru and Yuki’s relationship. While he is suffering the embarrassment of the frilly dress, Tohru confides in him that whenever her mother called her cute it made he the happiest in the world. She thinks that Yuki’s dress is cute. Its a sweet moment between the characters, and breaks Yuki from his gruff attitude this episode. I like that in all of the movement of the episode these two characters get a shared moment together.

Tohru’s Surprise Sleepover

We have seen Hana and Uo before in previous episodes, but now they want to take a bigger step into Tohru’s life. They hadn’t quite figured out that Tohru is living with Yuki and Kyo until now. Now that they know she is with the Somas they want to make sure that everything is all right at her new homestead.

I know that both Hana and Uo are friends of Tohru, but it still feels like they overstep their bounds in this episode. I don’t really see what qualifications they have to be overseeing Tohru’s living situation. If they were less blunt about it, and tried to pass it off as just wanting to get to know Yuki more, it would make more sense. They are pretty up front about how they want to make sure Tohru is okay.

When they actually arrive at the Soma residence everything seems to go well. They all have fun and both Hana and Uo realize that Tohru is in a good place. It seems like Tohru is spending a lot of time convincing everyone that she is in a good spot with Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure. Also we find out that Shigure is apparently an author and has written some scandalous light novels. Makes sense that he wouldn’t want to work in an office building.

Hatori’s Power

Last but not least in Fruits Basket episode 6 we are setting up for Tohru’s meeting with Akito, the head of the Soma clan. Hatori calls her up and says that he needs to meet her to discuss something important. Earlier in the episode Yuki reveals that Hatori has the ability to suppress memories. When Hatori made a move to greet Tohru even earlier, it was Yuki in his cute dress that stepped in. Yuki knows Hatori is probably up to no good which is why he warns Tohru. With Hatori enticing Tohru with a meeting with Akito, I am worried for Tohru’s safety.

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