NBA Playoff Cowboy Bebop Logo

Bleacher Report Beautifully Parodies Cowboy Bebop OP for NBA Promo

Its the Battle in the Bubble with Lebron James starring as Spike Spiegel

If you have been living under a rock, or in a bubble, you might not know that the NBA has resumed its season in Disney World. With the official start of the playoffs tonight, Bleacher Report has put together a remarkable promo that might sound and look familiar to most otaku.

With a slightly edited version of everyone favorite OP, Tank, the promo piece pays homage to all of the sights of the original Cowboy Bebop intro animation. You can see all of the NBA’s top stars from Lebron James, Anthony Davis, Kahwai Leonard, and Paul George to even the commissioner himself, Adam Silver at the end.

Bleacher Report even hit the logo perfectly at the end of the clip. For those curious, it says “Basketball” on top and “Playoffs” at the bottom.

If you are feeling as nostalgic as I am, or its been a while and you want to compare, here is the original OP for your viewing pleasure –

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[Image & Video via Bleacher Report Twitter]
[Video via Funimation Youtube]

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