The Characters of The Case Study of Vanitas

Summer 2021 Anime Preview



Vanitas is a human in a world of vampires. He has inherited the Book of Vanitas for which he is named.


Hanae Natsuki

Vanitas is voiced by Hanae Natsuki. He recently voiced Tanjiro in the wildly popular anime Demon Slayer.


Noé Archiviste

Noé is a vampire who has traveled to Paris in pursuit of the secrets of the Book of Vanitas.

ノエ  アルシヴィスト

Ishikawa Kaito

Noé is played by Ishikawa Kaito. You may recognize Ishikawa-san from the popular role of Naofumi from The Rising of the Shield Hero.



Jeanne is a much feared vampire nicknamed, “The Hellfire Witch.” The fear comes from her previous life as an executioner.


Minase Inori

The part of Jeanne is portrayed by Minase Inori, who is also known for portraying the ever popular Rem from the Re:Zero franchise.

水瀬 いのり

Dominique de Sade

Dominique is an aristocrat among the vampire society, and a childhood friend of Noé.

ドミニク  ド サド

Kayano Ai

Dominique de Sade is voiced by Kayano Ai. Her recent work includes Kanae, another popular character from Demon Slayer.

茅野 愛衣


Luca is a younger vampire, second only to the Queen. She is served by Jeanne in his quest to acquire the Book of Vanitas to save his brother.


Shimoji Shino

The voice of Luca is being provided by Shimoji Shino.

下地 紫野