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The Seven Best Angel Battles of Neon Genesis Evangelion

Taking the battle to the sea, Episode 8 provides us our first look at Unit-02 and everyone’s favorite pilot, Asuka.

#7 - The Sixth Angel GAGHIEL

The best part of the episode is when the UN Fleet drive two entire battleships into the mouth of the Angel in order to destroy it.

#7 - The Sixth Angel GAGHIEL

#6 - The Sixteenth Angel ARMISAEL

Asuka makes a cameo in the episode as a useless decoy. Shinji attempts to intercept the Angel, and fails. All that is left to defeat the Angel is for Rei to absorb it, and activate the self-destruct sequence of her Evangelion.

#6 - The Sixteenth Angel - Armisael

#5 - The Fifth Angel RAMIEL

In one of the most intense battles of the series, Episode 6 entreats us to a short, but sweet faceoff. Against Ramiel, Misato and the rest of Nerv show-off their ingenuity in fighting Angels. 

“Dance Like You Want to Win'' is one of the most iconic episodes of the entire series. This episode features the fun balance of a slice of life episode with the intensity of defeating the angels. Asuka and Sinji are put to a real test to fight against Israfel.

#4 - The Seventh Angel ISRAFEL

The battle against the Israfel twins is the first real test of teamwork for the second and third child. It takes weeks of practice to get in sync in order to split, fight, merge, and defeat the seventh angel.

#3 - The Thirteenth Angel BARDIEL

Toji’s arc in Neon Genesis Evangelion comes to a close with the battle against Bardiel. Unwittingly used as a host for the Angel, Evangelion Unit-03 is overtaken enroute to Japan by the thirteenth Angel.

#3 - The Thirteenth Angel - Bardiel

#3 - The Thirteenth Angel Bardiel

Just as it started with Toji punching Shinji, ironically, it all ends with Unit-01 punching the Angel. The battle is really the beginning of the end for any cohesion among the trio, as Shinji vows to never pilot an Evangelion again after incapacitating his friend.


The Third Angel Sachiel

The first and second episode of the series begin and end with a classic battle against the angel Sachiel. It establishes the size and power of an angel, awe-inspiring, fearsome, and devastating.

While the actual battle between Unit-01 and Sachiel is short and sweet, it ends ferociously with an uncontrollable Evangelion relentlessly beating the angel.


#1 - The Fourteenth Angel ZERUEL

#1 - The Fourteenth Angel


The battle against Zeruel is the most desperate battle Nerv phases throughout the series. It comes at a point where morale among the three pilots is nearing an all time low, and most of the Evangelion aren’t even fully equipped to face a threat as powerful as Zeruel. It takes a literal act of Deus Ex Machina to save the day when Unit-01 goes berserk and feasts upon the flesh of the defeated angel.

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