Takt op.Destiny

Fall 2021 Character Preview

The world of Takt op.Destiny is a place where music can no longer fundamentally exist. A strange monsters have overrun the world seeking out music, and all but destroying it. A few seek to restore it...

Ashina Takt

Takt is a musician at heart and a conductor by trade. He wants to bring music back to the world that has become devoid of it, and is working with Destiny to make that dream come true.

朝雛 タクト

Uchiyama Koki

The main role of Takt is voiced by Uchiyama Koki. You may recognize him from Jujutsu Kaisen as Inumaki Toge.



Destiny is a young girl who has the power of music. Her goal is to defeat the strange monster known as D2 who has effectively removed music from the world.


Uchiyama Koki

Wakayama Shion is cast as the titular Destiny. She voiced Echizen Sawa in the recent run of Sayonara Watashi no Cramer.


Anna Schneider

Anna is one of Takt’s childhood friends and companions in his quest to restore music to the world.



Hondo Kaede

Hondo Kaede is the voice actress for Anna Schneider. Hondo is also playing Yurikawa Hana in this season’s Mieruko-chan.



Titan is another girl with the power of music, specifically “Symphony No. 1 in D major.”


Uchiyama Koki

The second musical girl Titan is played by Ito Miku. Ito currently stars as Misakino Kukuru in Aquatope of White Sand.



Lenny is another conductor and a member of the New York Symphonica.


Hino Satoshi

Hino Satoshi, the voice actor for Lenny, recently starred as as Rengoku Kyoujurou in Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.


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