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Home life with the Forgers has come along just fine in spite of all the secret keeping. Loid Forger has taken his role as father of Anya serious, while Yor is learning how to become a mother.

Where we left off with the Forgers

Anya continues to be the stubborn telepath as well as the most adorable part of the show. She has grown  into her own role in Operation Strix, despite the fact technically doesn't know.

Where we left off with the Forgers

Twilight may still believe that a family is a hindrance to his ability to save the world, but slowly it feels like he is becoming more Loid Forger, husband of Yor and father of Anya than Twilight, Westphalia’s top spy.

Loid Forger  - Spy

Loid Forger - Father & Husband

He may not be committed to the idea of being a father to Anya, and a husband to Yor, but he has committed to keeping up appearances. Even though it is for appearances in his mind, he is slowly becoming  a family man after all.

Anya’s time getting into and spent at Eden College has been tumultuous so far. She has both a Tonitrus Bolt, seven away from expulsion, and a Stella; seven away from becoming an imperial scholar and advancing Operation Strix.

Anya Forger - Esper

Anya Forger - Student

Attempts at becoming friends with Damian Desmond have proven to be less fruitful than her studies. Her first Tonitrus Bolt came when she struck him on the first day of classes. Even achieving her Stella made Damian jealous of her, dampening their potential friendship.

Not a lot of season one was spent on Yor’s secret life as an assassin. She has shown, however, a number of times throughout the first season that she is perfectly capable, and quite dangerous.

Yor Forger - Assassin

Yor Forger - Mother

According to Anya, she continues to be bad at everything, except for being strong. She may have a killer instinct, built in and show carelessly when drunk, but her motherly instinct has also come out at times when Anya has shown need.

What more shenanigans can our unorthodox family of a spy, assassin, and a child telepath get into in season 2?

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