My Senpai is Annoying 

Fall 2021 Anime Season Character Preview

Will They, or Won't They?

My Senpai is Annoying is a “Will they? Won’t They?” tale of the overwhelmed Futaba Igarashi and her much larger senpai, Takeda Harumi.  Both are young office workers at the same company. Takeda often takes it upon himself to help out and cover for Futaba when she gets in over her head.

Futaba Igarashi


Futaba-san is a struggling office worker with a small stature but big personality. She gets along with a little help from her senpai, Takeda. She has feelings for Takeda, but refuses to listen to them as time proves again and again there is something between them.

Kusunoki Tomori


The fiery Futaba is played by Tomori. She is also performing the OP song for the show.


Takeda Harumi

Takeda-san is Futaba’s senpai and all around genuine guy. His benevolent demeanor is almost tortuous to his kouhai. Oftentimes he finds himself covering for Futaba when work goes awry, or selflessly comforting her when work becomes hectic.

Takeuchi Shunsuke


Takeuchi Shunsuke will be voicing the affable Takeda-san. Takeuchi has recently done work in Akudama Drive as Kenkaya.

Sakurai Touko


Sakurai-san also works at Futaba’s company and is among the more cheerful employees. She is in a relationship with Kazama-san, despite his lack of personality. She is one of the many people in Futaba’s life who recognizes how she is meant to be with Takeda.

Hayami  Saori


Hayami Saori is scheduled to voice Sakurai-san. She has recently portrayed Kochou Shinobu in Demon Slayer.


Kazama Souta

Kazama-san is another of Futaba’s seniors at the company. He is particularly lazy and otherwise disinterested in most things, especially in getting involved with the Futaba and Takeda relationship.

Tsuchida Reiou


Tsuchida Reiou is the voice actor for the lazy Kazama-san. Tsuchida doesn’t have a lot of work to his name yet, but did star in Ikebukuro West Gate Park as Ozaki Kyouichi.

Kurobe Natsumi


Natsumi is Futaba’s longtime childhood friend, and one of the few people from outside of work she interacts with. She is a bit mischievous and quite the gossip, always inquiring into Futaba’s lack of a love life.

Aoyama Reina


Aoyama Reina, who voices Kurobe, will also feature in the OP song for My Senpai is Annoying.