Fall 2021 Anime Character Preview

Miko, a young school girl, has just recently had the misfortune of gaining third sight. She can see spirits of the undead. Grotesque monsters that conjure the worst images of horror. Most unfortunately she wants nothing to do with this newfound power.

Yotsuya Miko

Miko is a regular schoolgirl who one day gained the power to see spirits through some unfortunate accident. Now she cannot unsee the undead.


Amamiya Sora

The lead role is voiced by Amamiya Sora. She has also voiced the titular lead Akame in Akame ga Kill.


Yurikawa Hana

Hana is one of Miko’s best friends. She has a bubbly personality, but unfortunately she seems to attract the spirits that Miko is not a fan of.


Hondo Kaede

Hana’s bright personality is portrayed by Hondo Kaede. Hondo is also starring as Destiny in this season’s takt op.Destiny.


Niguredo Yulia

Yulia is another of Miko’s classmates. She is also capable of seeing spirits, but not as powerful as Miko.

二暮堂 ユリア

Sakura Ayane

The part of Yulia is played by Sakura Ayane. She recently gained notoriety as the voice of the controversial character Gabi from Attack on Titan: The Final Season.


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