Komi-san Can't Communicate // Fall 2021 Anime Character Preview

Komi-san is seen as the most beautiful, graceful, and intelligent girl in her class. Unfortunately no one can see past that to realize she never speaks. Komi-san just cannot communicate to anyone. One boy in her class, Tadano-kun, has seen past her fearsome persona to realize that she is actually really lonely.  Its now his mission to help her make 100 friends. Only 99 to go...

Shoko Komi


Komi-san has a hard time communicating. A really hard time. Most others think Komi believes too highly of herself when really she just doesn’t know how to speak out.

Koga Aoi

古賀 葵

The “Voice” of Komi-san is being performed by Koga Aoi. This is not her first female lead in a highschool drama as she also voices Kaguya in Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

Hitohito Tadano


Tadano-kun is the first person to realize that Komi-san isn’t mean. In fact he is the only one who can communicate with her in a roundabout way.

Kajiwara Gakuto


Komi-san’s first friend, Tadano-kun, is going to be played by Kajiwara Gakuto. He also currently does the voice of Kusakabe Shinra in Fire Force.

Najimi Osana


Najimi-chan is one of Tadano-kun’s childhood friends from middle school, now together again in highschool. In middle school, the overly friendly Najimi wore the boy’s uniform, now graduated to the girl’s uniform.

Murakawa Rie


The enigmatic Najimi is voiced by Murakawa Rie. Murakawa also voices Ram in the Re:Zero series.

Agari Himiko


Agari is another of Komi-san’s classmates and is nearly as awkward and quiet as Komi-san. She is not as attractive as Komi which keeps her from being loved by everyone else the same way.

Yukiyo Fujii


The timid Agari is voiced by Fujii Yukiyo. Fujii has voice credits dating back to Sailor Moon S in 1994, but didn’t get into voice acting full time until 2009.

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