The World of Chainsawman

The world is quickly being overrun by devils. Nearly 7 in 20 people are expected to die at the hands of a devil. The only people standing in their way are devil hunters.

Devils are the literal manifestation of humanity's greatest fears. The stronger the collective fear of an object, concept, thought, or belief, the stronger the devil. One devil stood above all else, reigning chaos in the world, the Gun Devil.

Manifestation of Fear

When the Gun Devil struck, millions of people in the world died within a matter of seconds, changing everything. Now the world is focused on when it will strike again, and what can the world do about it? It seems the answer to that question is the Chainsawman.

The Gun Devil

As an orphan beholden to debt his late father made with the mob, Denji discovers the chainsaw devil, a cute puppy looking creature he names Pochita.  When the mob finally collects and Denji is left for dead, Pochita makes a deal with Denji he can’t refuse.

Who is the Chainsawman?

Now, part man, part devil, Denji has become the Chainsawman. Picked up by Makima to join the Devil Hunters, his new mission in life is to be Makima's dog and  kill all devils.

Becoming the Chainsawman

Denji is still very young and very immature, but that doesn’t make him any less effective as a devil hunter.

Kill All Devils

Power is the blood devil, or more specifically, a devilman. In an effort to gain more power, she has absorbed the likeness of a random woman, and now she parades around in the real world like any other human.

The One & Only Power

By virtue of her abilities as the Blood Devil, she can control and manipulate her own blood, wielding it as a weapon, often as spears and projectiles.

The Blood Devilman

One of the few humans in Division 4, there is not much left of Aki’s humanity. He, like many others, lost family when the Gun Devil attacked.

The Lone Wolf - Hayakawa Aki

Now a member of the Devil Hunters, he has dedicated his life to killing devils and finding the Gun Devil. Because of his pursuit, he has sacrificed much of his own life force to wield the power of the devils.

Fighting the Gun Devil

The mysterious Makima is the head of the Devil Hunters Special Division 4. She finds Denji after his resurrection, recruiting him into her special task force of Devil Hunters.

Head of Special Division 4

There is a dominating aura surrounding Makima. She only controls a small part of the Japanese Devil Hunters, but she wields great influence within it.

Who is Makima?

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