The Characters of Aquatope on White Sand

Summer 2021 Anime Preview


Misakino Kukuru


Kukuru is the bright young highschooler who spends all her time at the Gamagama Aquarium. She is dedicated to saving the struggling aquarium, at the risk of her own social stature at school.

Miku Itou

The main character Kukuru is portrayed by Miku Itou. Itou has also done work as Miku in 5-Toubun no Hanayome.


Fuuka Miyazawa


Fuuka is an idol on the run. She has abandoned her former life as an idol and ran all the way south to Okinawa on a whim and found herself enthralled by the Gamagama Aquarium.

Rikako Aida

Fuuka, the idol on the run, is played by Rikako Aida. Aida has also voiced Riko from Soukou Musume Senki.


Tsukimi Teruya


Tsukimi, also known as Udon-chan, is Kukuru’s childhood friend and classmate. When not at school she works at her mother’s restaurant, Kame.

Waki Azumi

Kukuru's friend Tsukimi is voiced by Waki Azumi. Recently, Azumi did the VO for Hinata from Tokyo Revengers.


Karin Kudaka


Kudaka works in the local Tourism Board, frequently working and helping out at the Gamagama Aquarium.


The head of the local tourist board, Kudaka, is voiced by Lynn. Lynn is known for her role as the 5th's sadistic chief, Hibana, from Fire Force.


Kai Nakamura


Another of Kukuru’s childhood friends and classmates, Nakamura works for his father’s fishing business. When he isn’t out fishing he also helps out at the Gamagama Aquarium.

Shinba Tsuchiya

Shinba Tsuchiya is voicing the role of Kai Nakamura. Shinba has recently starred as Futaba Shoutarou in Bakuten!!


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