The Promised Neverland Episode 3: Sister Krone Playing Tag

The Great Offering // The Promised Neverland Ep. 3 Review

The Promised Neverland Episode 3 Review:

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We learned a lot in this episode of The Promised Neverland, and presumably are getting really close to the great escape. We have a scene that gave us a better look into the motives of the demons and Mom. Sister Krone gave us
significant insight into the inner politics of the farm and the mom system. Finally, the orphans are starting to really learn what they are up against.

I really expected that we would have had more of a test run of the escape in this episode, but clearly we needed more time to setup the world and this new character, Sister Krone. She does not appear to be a very stable character. She has aspirations of becoming a mom herself since she is still just a sister. This lets us know that there is a hierarchy and a mom is a leader of a farm. From her first conversation with Isabelle, we also know that this farm is one of the best and most respected out there.

I am not sure of what to make of Sister Krone. She has a weird doll which she is mothering almost like a real child. The doll is also subject to some bizarre abuse as she fling it into the ceiling which a real mother wouldn’t do of course. Clearly not particularly stable, from what is unknown. Probably related to the demons.

Tifari – The Great Offering

Finally we get a particularly good shot of the demons. Mom reports in that is well at the farm, which is not true. A character referred to as Grandma, a new step on the hierarchy we now learn, speaks up and reveals a whole host of new information. First we find out that this is Farm 3. Now we know that there is definitely more than one running, even if we don’t get an exact sense of how many. We also know that everyone else has failed and the fate of everything rests on Farm 3 and an offering of the three children, Emma, Norman, and Ray.

There is a greater person not on the council, Him. He is more deserving of a greater offering than those lesser than Him. We didn’t get much more than that other than our three heroes are clearly the ones we are going to sacrifice to Him at the Tifari. That is all from the demons.

At least we are getting more of the outside world. I didn’t expect to see much from the demons until we actually got outside of the wall. There is a purpose to the farm system and that is to produce an offering for this festival that is worthy of Him, whoever Him is.

Planning the Great Escape

There are a few things left before Emma, Norman, and Ray can actually execute their grand plan to escape. First they need to rally the other children. More on that later. Second they are going to need to disable the tracking device. Lastly they need to eliminate any threats in their way. Let’s talk about that for a second.

Ray pretty clearly indicates that they are going to need to murder Mom and now Sister Krone. We are talking about an 11 year old child planning murder. I knew this was going to get dark, but these kids are going down a bad path. A path forced upon them by this bizarre world.

I am not sure about how they are going to disable the tracking device. Something small enough to be slipped in behind their ear and undetectable is going to be a major hindrance. This is clearly going to be a problem that comes up pretty frequently.

A Simple Game of Tag

Using games as training for their escape is a brilliant idea on the part of the trio. They already knew more or less who was going to hold them back, but now at least they can minimize the damage. This still isn’t going to be easy on them. If they can actually cover their tracks while on the run they might have a fighting chance to all stay together. Even if Sister Krone is about to wreck shop.

There are a lot of moving pieces in The Promised Neverland. Sister Krone is trying to suss out who among the kids knows and is using a game of tag herself to gauge their abilities. She even lets them know that she is aware of their nocturnal activities from episode 1. At the same time the kids are trying their best to prepare, but what is Mom doing?

By the end of the episode the trio comes to the conclusion that there is a traitor in the midst. Not knowing what is ahead I don’t really think that is the real deal. Mom just knows she is going to be able to ship out the three before anything really can happen. She doesn’t need a traitor to be watching their activity. I really only got the sense that the one child Emma believes is a traitor isn’t, but rather has just come to the conclusion that something is wrong.

Hopefully by the next episode we will be well underway with some concrete plans for escape.

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