Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory // Spring 2018 Preview

The Mecha/Romance Classic is Back for its Fourth Season

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Title: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory
Studio: Xebec
On-Air: April 13, 2018

Its been too long since we last saw Sagara Sousuke. In fact it has been 13 years. Full Metal Panic! is back for its fourth season.

You might need a quick refresher after all of this time since The Second Raid. Full Metal Panic! is a slightly alternate world where the cold war never really ended and possibly got a little warm in some places. There are Whispered in the world, who have technological secrets deep within their subconcious that the various governments are trying to extract. Chidori Kaname, our female protagonist is one such being. Battles between countries and NGOs are fought between mecha known as Arm Slaves, a product of the future tech known to Whispered.

Invisible Victory is taking us right back into the action of Full Metal Panic! The I and V of the title indicate it is the fourth season and the direct continuation of where we left off with Mithril. Debate all you like, but Fumoffu is the second season and is the funniest anime ever.

Can we get more hype for a series that is 13 years in the making? Definitely. We need to go back into the boy meets girl plus mecha world once more.

Check out the PV below to get back in the groove for when Full Metal Panic! returns this season.

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