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Understand Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – Coming from Team Reptile

Understand the spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio Future

There is always some nostalgia and a cult following of any given old game/franchise, but there is a special crowd around Jet Set Radio. Looking to capitalize on it is Team Reptile and their just announced title Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. The game looks to take the thrill of grinding through a graffiti-laden just-future world to the modern generation. It looks like the sequel fans of Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future have clamored for. With only a tease Team Reptile has garnered quite the notice. Check out their teaser below

The Concept of Love

The best part of this announcement is the inclusion of Naganuma Hideki. In a blog post on their website, the studio announced the inclusion of Naganuma Hideki. He bridges the gap between Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and Jet Set Radio & Future. The music and score of the old games is probably the key to the enduring love and admiration for them. Its one of the most unique and standout soundtracks of any game, especially for a partially-licensed and original soundtrack. This could raise the game to instant classic if they get even halfway to the greatness of the classic JSR soundtrack.

No specific release date is announced, but the teaser video is more than enough to get excited. It looks exactly as one would expect a modern day Jet Set Radio game would look. Bringing in the one of the key components of that series is just the icing on the cake. If you are as excited as I am feel free to check out the Steam page for when it releases.

[Team Reptile Twitter Post]
[Team Reptile Blog Post]
[Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Steam Page]

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