The Damaged Soldier - Attack on Titan: The Final Season

The Clip Show // Attack on Titan S4E3 Review

The Door of Hope – Attack on Titan The Final Season Episode 3 Review

This episode we get a lot of flashbacks to when Reiner, and the rest of the Marleyan Eldians are still in training. Its amusing in retrospect that Reiner is such an important character and villain, yet he was such a background character the first two seasons of the show. We are now on the third episode of the final season, and Reiner is basically the protagonist. At least for the first few episodes of Attack on Titan: The Final Season.

Nostalgia really kicks in hard this episode. Flashbacks to young Eren, Armin, and Mikasa are a sight for sore eyes. I imagine that everyone watching is waiting with great anticipation for when our favorite heroes return to the forefront, but this tease is enough to hold me for the time being. Watching Reiner and the rest of the Marleyans & Eldian Warriors is quite satisfying so far.

Clip Show Extravaganza

There is a moment in the first couple minutes of this episode where I thought to myself, is this going to be the clip show episode? Turns out they pull a bit of a fast one, and do a pseudo-Community style clip show. Flashbacks to things we have kind of seen, but from a different perspective, and a different worldview.

Its inevitable that a show going on for this long will have that retrospective episode. Honestly I expected the first episode out of the gate to flashback to everything important so far. Instead the folks at MAPPA have the courtesy to hook us back on Attack on Titan before they pull the handbrake and give us the clip show episode. Even then, its not the worst idea this season

It may not be action packed or even plot maneuvering, but this episode really puts everything in perspective. I feel like everything makes sense from this point on. This episode isn’t about just reflecting on the story so far, but rather about the trials and tribulations of Reiner. Why it is kids being sent to infiltrate the walls, and why they took so long between the attacks. Their mission was never to destroy their Eldian cousins, it was to uncover the Founding Titan.

Final Thoughts – We Are All Marleyan

Episode 3 doesn’t come with any larger advancement of the plot, but it does provide more context for long time viewers. Context is something in Attack on Titan that is lacking for much of the first few seasons and shifts suddenly in season 3. To have more in the final season is a welcome addition.

I get the feeling from some foreshadowing in the show, and outside the show, that it won’t be long until the worlds of Marley and Paradise finally collide. Until then, I continue to be more than happy with watching the final plans of the Eldian warriors begin to unfold.

Last thought, this OP is growing on me. Didn’t like it the first episode. Felt neutral the second episode. Starting to feel it now at the third.

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